Why We Exist

After many years of working with alcoholics, addicts and their families, we noticed people were lacking the basic information needed to implement a proper plan of recovery. Setting short-term treatment goals is crucial in obtaining long-term sobriety. We decided we would start a service at no cost to anyone who reaches out to us.


We use our experience of working in the field of substance abuse treatment to educate individuals and their families. We provide in depth information about the different levels of care, what they can expect to encounter and most importantly, reputable resources. Being in long-term sobriety has helped us tremendously to identify with our fellow addicts and alcoholics. We extend our hand to whomever reaches out because together, we do recover!

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Addicts Helping Addicts

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Our Promise

"To help every hand that reaches out."

Sober Solutions Network's mission is to help every hand that reaches out. We were created to offer a safe and confidential place where individuals can learn more about their struggles with addiction. The reason Sober Solutions Network has been so highly effective in helping people recover from the disease of addiction is: 

Personal Experience

We are comprised of individuals who were once exactly where you may be now and have found a solution.

Industry Experience

With over 15 years in the substance abuse industry, we have visited over 200 centers nationwide and know who offers what.  

24-Hour Support

No matter the day or time, we will be here to answer all calls, messages and inquiries.  


Sober Solutions Network stands behind our promise. No matter where you are in your journey, we will be honored to extend a helping hand to all.

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Helping Every Hand That Reaches Out

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